Top 10 Tutorials for your Drupal Website

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Drupal is one of the most popular and powerful content management systems. Creating your website with Drupal will allow you endless options for design and function. Use these 10 Drupal tutorials to easily give your website features and options you may have never thought possible.

1. Tutorial For Site Setup

Every Drupal website owner should begin with a basic site-building tutorial. The first thing to do, after getting Drupal-compatible web hosting, is to review such a tutorial to create your site’s key elements. This site-setup tutorial will walk you through building your website’s administration menu, site editor, pages, menus, and slideshows.

2. Update Drupal Using Minor Updates and Patches

There are a few types of updates you will come across as a Drupal website owner including, minor, major and patch updates. This tutorial will show you how to keep your installation current to avoid bugs and errors, and maintain the latest module compatibility. Patch updates are often aimed at fixing bugs or security issues and may be released at any time. Minor updates fix site functions errors, and are released less often.

3. Autoloading Awesomeness

This tutorial will show you how to take advantage of autoloading in your visitors web browsers. This is helpful when you want to display video or other media without the user having to click ‘Play.’ Use the Auto-loading Awesomeness tutorial to follow in the steps of major media and social companies who know rely on the feature, such as Facebook and Instagram.

4. Preparing Your Site for Drupal 8

The latest release of Drupal, as of 2017, is Drupal 8. This tutorial will help you get prepared for a major update to any outdated Drupal sites. IT discusses manual site audits, security updates and audit modules. While your updated your Drupal and installing Drupal 8, you should check that you have Drupal optimized web hosting, so that you can make the most of your Drupal installation.

5. Installing and Editing Drupal Themes

This tutorial is perhaps among the most important for any Drupal user. It shows you how to install and modify themes for your Drupal site by giving you the basics on how themes work. After reviewing this tutorial, even a beginner will be able to choose and install a Drupal theme that’s right for their site. Those with just a few minutes on their hands can learn how to change colors, module positions and add or remove elements.

6. Drupal SEO Tutorial

If you’re focused on marketing and Search Engine Optimization, then this is the Drupal tutorial for you. It will teach you how to create SEO-friendly posts, tags, and headers. Beginning with a focus on mobile Drupal templates and themes, this handy guide will ensure your site doesn’t get buried in the search results.

7. Drupal Modules Tutorial

This tutorial is invaluable for those who want to begin developing Drupal modules and backend coding. It will show you how to use Object-Oriented PHP to create Drupal modules with function in the backend of your site and interactive features for your website’s frontend. Some PHP knowledge is required for this tutorial. Object-Oriented PHP will keep your Drupal site coding from being redundant, and save you time behind the keyboard.

8. Use Node.js with Drupal

Many web developers are used to node.js and want full javascript integration on their Drupal based website. This tutorial will teach you to seamlessly integrate the popular node.js package with Drupal to use them inherently together. Using Node.js on your Drupal site will allow you to build web applications that are as scalable as you need them to be. This would work great for any new social media site or mobile application.

9. Create a Custom Slideshow

Slideshows have many purposes on websites, including rotating content to keep the site fresh, and ensuring certain content has a front-page standing. This tutorial will show you how to easily create a slideshow on your Drupal site using theme libraries and the Slick module. It involves some simple HTML markup and Java which you can copy and paste or make modifications to. Your finished product will look great on any business website, and will rotate three or more images or embedded media modules at your desired speed.

10. Loop Over Objects

This tutorial is among the more advanced on the list, but should appeal to anyone with even a little coding background. It will show you how to loop over objects using the built-in tag IteratorAggregate. If you’re looking to get started practicing your PHP skills on a live site, this tutorial is a great choice and will provide convenient, functional results.

Drupal can be used for personal websites, business and corporate sites, and even blogs. It’s a diverse CMS that allows countless customizations. By following these tutorials you will gain a better understanding of your Drupal interfaces, and be able to add creative elements to your website.

Linux – Delete Files Or Directories Older Than x Days

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First find files older than X Days

-mtime n => File was last modified n*24 hours ago.

-atime n => File was last accessed n*24 hours ago.

-ctime n => File status was last changed n*24 hours ago.

+n More than n.
n Exactly n.
-n Less than n.

# files modified greater than 24 hours ago
find /location/ -mtime +0

# files modified between now and 1 day ago
find /location/ -mtime 0

# files modified less than 1 day ago
find /location/ -mtime -1

# files modified between 24 and 48 hours ago
find /location/ -mtime 1

# files modified more than 48 hours ago
find /location/ -mtime +1

-type f => For Files
-type d => For Directories

Now delete all files modified time greater than 24 hours ago (keep today’s files)
# find /var/www/html/recorded/files/* -type f -mtime +0 -exec rm {} \;

Activate Free SSL Certificate for Website – Cloudflare

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Google will soon shame all websites that are unencrypted also Google count HTTPS for ranking factor. Cloudflare provide Free SSL Certificate in your website DNS system. You just need to edit your DNS records / Name-servers

Cloudflare HTTPS protects website from Security Vulnerabilities and DDoS attacks.

Origin Server (Your Domain) ===== HTTP =====> CloudFlare ===== HTTPS =====> Visitors

Setting up your free Cloudflare Flexible SSL

1. Sign up to

2. Enter your domain name and Begin Scan

3. Verify all Your DNS Records for your domain

4. Select Free Cloudflare Plan then follow all steps

5. Change Your Nameservers in your domain control panel

6. Goto Crypto tab then activate free SSL. Choose Flexible Type.
Cloudflare will take approx 24 hours to activate new SSL certificate.

7. Other Cloudflare settings for caching

8. For wordpress websites add Page Rules in CloudFlare

You can use WordPress Plugins

CloudFlare Flexible SSL


WordPress Force HTTPS

Really Simple SSL

SSL Insecure Content Fixer


Always Online: On, Cache Level: Bypass

Always Online: On, Cache Level: Bypass

Forwarding URL: (Status Code: 301 – Permanent Redirect, Url:$1)

Free SSL

Download Gmail Blocked Email Attachments

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Anti-virus warning – 1 attachment contains a virus or blocked file. Downloading this attachment is disabled.


Gmail says …. File types you can’t include as attachments

I know my zip file “” have .JS files

Note: Gmail warned you that attachment is not safe. So make 100% sure that email attachments is safe for download before follow below process.


Click on email option “Show original”, it will open a new browser window with MIME encoded message. Now you have to “Download Original” OR “Copy to clipboard” save text file “original_msg.txt”

In file “original_msg.txt” you can find attached file name

Content-Type: application/zip; name=””
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=””
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
X-Attachment-Id: f_iqui8p0t0

Create new Python script named “” and write below code in it

import email
import sys

if __name__=='__main__':
    if len(sys.argv)<2:
        print "Please enter a file to extract attachments from"

    msg = email.message_from_file(open(sys.argv[1]))
    for pl in msg.get_payload():
        if pl.get_filename(): # if it is an attachment
            open(pl.get_filename(), 'wb').write(pl.get_payload(decode=True))

D:\>python –version
Python 2.7.6

D:\>python original_msg.txt

You will find zip file attachment “” in the same folder!

You can also open Mime Encoded Text file “original_msg.txt” in Outlook or any email client just rename it to “original_msg.eml” then open email file and download attachment.

Suggestion: If your files are safe, you can upload the file to Google Drive, then send shareable link as Drive attachment.

Extract attachments from emails that Gmail doesn’t allow you to download.

The Internet of Things

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In the modern era, the era of the Internet of Things, what tech best suits you can be difficult to ascertain. It may seem at times that there are just too many smartphones, too many TVs, too many computers, and then some. Shopping for gadgets can sometimes be a bit complicated for the layperson. Specifications for computers, for example, can seem like a calculus problem or a foreign language.

With so many options to choose from, it’s helpful to be able to narrow down your options and focus your search. An example of this is the current transition from High Definition television to the burgeoning 4k Ultra High Definition. It’s safe to say most consumers don’t necessarily know the difference between these labels and, even if you told them, might not know much beyond the difference in numbers. Knowing that 4K UHD TVs, being the hot new tech, are more expensive than HD TVs, and that HD is already more than enough for the average Joe, one can safely restrict their search to HD and save a little money on their purchase.

Beyond the question of what specs matter to what consumer, there is the question of brands. So, you now know you want HD TV, instead of 4K, but which HD TV is the best? There a great many brands competing for your money, and now you need to know which brand has the best balance of price and quality. To get the most bang for your buck without doing a ton of research, it’s often a great idea to do price comparisons first. Budget is more often than not the biggest deciding factor when making purchases.

Supposing you’re in the market for a smartphone, the two big names in the spotlight are the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy. Apple’s claim to fame is ubiquitous in its popularity, but Samsung’s rival Galaxy series of phones is the quality, cost-effective alternative.

Record Live Streaming Radio to MP3

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Sometime you want to record Live Radio Stream to MP3 file, you can find many online linux tools for recording radio stream to server and then download to your local computer.

You can use Linux “wget” or “curl”


# curl -sS -o stream.mp3 –max-time 150 http://Radio-Server:Port/stream
Bitrate: 128 kb/s [it will make approx 2MB MP3 file]

# curl -sS -o stream.mp3 –max-time 150 http://Radio-Server:Port/stream
Bitrate: 64 kb/s [it will make approx 1MB MP3 file]


# ffmpeg -y -i http://Radio-Server:Port/stream stream.mp3

# ffmpeg -i http://Radio-Server:Port/stream -t 00:00:40 -acodec copy stream.mp3
[It will record MP3 file stream.mp3 of duration of 40 sec with same Radio Stream Codec Info & Bitrate]


# mplayer ‘http://Radio-Server:Port/stream’ -endpos ’00:01:00′ -vo null -ao pcm:waveheader:file=stream.wav &> /dev/null
# lame stream.wav stream.mp3 &> /dev/null


# wget -O stream.mp3 “http://Radio-Server:Port/stream”

How to Build Recognition as a Web Designer in 2017

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With the mass number of web designers available online, it’s hard to get recognized for your work and expertise. It often takes web designers years to build a following and start getting recognized as a trusted authority in the industry. However, there are many things that you can do to get ahead and build recognition quicker in 2017. Here are some strategies that you can use to get your name out there and become a leading industry expert.

1. Create and Distribute Quality Content

The best way to show your expertise is to teach other people what you know through your content. Quality content will go a long way whether it’s something simple as a web hosting setup video or something more challenging like a header design tutorial. You want to publish content that targets your ideal client as well as your peers in the industry. That will help you bring in more business while helping you connect with other industry leaders and influencers.

But you have to do more than publish great content. You want to promote your content using social media, guest blog posts, viral campaigns, giveaways, etc. Content marketing tactics like infographics, contests and web design template giveaways can really give you the exposure you need to build an audience for your site and stand out in the crowded space.

2. Create Case Studies

A case study is one of the best ways to establish your expertise. What you want to do with your case studies is to do a ‘before and after’ example of a website design project. Show the reader what the website looked like before you worked on it and show what it looked like after you’ve made your changes. Case studies are popular because people often look for real life web design projects they can model.

You want to make these case studies as detailed as possible. Include photos, screenshots, rough drafts, test results and anything else that can explain your thought process. You want to walk readers through the problems and challenges of the original website and talk in-depth about how you resolved them. This kind of content tends to do well as it often gets shared by enthusiasts, influencers and experts who’ve found it to be helpful.

3. Build an Extensive and Diverse Portfolio

You’re probably already aware of the importance of having a portfolio on your website. Your portfolio shows potential clients what you’re capable of and is often essential to landing the job. The problem is that many web designers have a portfolio but don’t put up enough of their past work to showcase their talents. You want to display a respectable amount of work to show potential clients that you’ve had an extensive work experience.

Another problem is that many web designers focus on the same types of websites/projects and their portfolio is very two dimensional. You want to show that you can handle many different types of projects as you never know what the client is looking for. If you don’t have experience with different projects, then branch out and try to get projects that are outside of your comfort zone. It’ll give you the experience you need while also helping you diversify your portfolio.

4. Diversify Your Expertise

At this day and age, you need to more than design websites. If your knowledge only extends to designing a great looking site and setting up web hosting, you need to gain other web design/development skills. This can include anything from user experience design, SEO, storytelling oriented design, web branding, to responsive design. Having expertise in other aspects of web design helps you set yourself apart from other everyday designers and conveys that you bring more to the table for your clients.

One expertise that is often sought after is conversion rate optimization. People often need help getting their site to convert more traffic into leads or sales. By honing your skills in conversion rate optimization, you can attract clients that are looking for conversion focused design and even charge for additional services.

5. Collaborate with Industry Influencers and Leaders

One of the best ways to quickly get your name out there is to associate yourself with established influencers and industry leaders. There are a wide variety of ways you can work with other professionals. This can include anything from podcasts, interviews, content exchanges, to speaking at industry events.

You want to be on the look for opportunities to get involved with the community and other professionals in the industry. When somebody reaches out to you, don’t turn down the offer because it isn’t compensated. Use it is a platform to get your name out there. At the same time, don’t wait for people to reach out to you. Come up with creative ways you can work with others in your industry.

6. Aggressive Marketing

Nothing cures slow sales like marketing. You have to make sure that you invest a good amount of your time and money into marketing. There are many ways to market yourself as a web designer including content marketing, social media, display advertising, site sponsorships, to offline events. You have to be aggressive with your marketing if you want to grow.

At the same time, you need to be focused with your marketing. You want to focus on one strategy until you’ve figured out a way to make it work. For example, if you’re working on content marketing, figure out how to get results from your efforts rather than trying to working on other strategies simultaneously or jumping ship if you don’t see results quickly enough.

This is a short list of some of the most solid strategies to get your name recognized as a web designer in 2017. The process can be challenging but you’ll start to get some traction and leverage that into results with enough persistence.

jPlayer playbackRate Audio Speed Control for Podcast Player

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Today one of my customer need Audio PlayBack Speed Control for HTML5 Audio Player. His requirement is that many people speak too slow on
podcasts. He wants to speed up the playback so that he don’t have to take so much time to listen to the podcast.

He actually wants button for speed [ 0.5x, 1x, 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x ] on HTML5 Audio using jPlayer.

jPlayer playbackRate

jPlayer playbackRate
Number : (Default: 1) : Defines the playback rate. Recommend that the jPlayer({defaultPlaybackRate}) matches this value during initilization.

jQuery(“#jplayer”).jPlayer(“option”,”playbackRate”, 1.5);

jQuery(“#jplayer”).jPlayer(“options”,{defaultPlaybackRate : 1.5});

<script type="text/javascript">

var currentSpeedIdx = 1;  
var speeds = [ 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 ];

function jpSpeedControl()

currentSpeedIdx = currentSpeedIdx + 1 < speeds.length ? currentSpeedIdx + 1 : 0;

jQuery("#jplayer").jPlayer("option","playbackRate", speeds[currentSpeedIdx]);

jQuery("#jpSpeedControl").html( speeds[currentSpeedIdx] + 'x' );



<div id="jpSpeedControl" title="Speed" style="cursor:pointer;" onclick="jpSpeedControl();">1x</div>

A Guide to Growing Your Agency by Upselling Clients

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How upselling clients can help your agency to grow
As a web design agency are you currently concentrating most of your energies on attracting new clients as opposed to upselling existing ones? If you are then this could be a mistake. It can often take a lot less effort to sell a further service to a client you have already worked with than it does to persuade a new client to hire you. Most importantly, the financial rewards can be impressive and can help with the growth of your agency.

It’s unlikely that clients are going to completely update their website on a regular basis so you need to think carefully about services which you can offer. Do not forget that clients are going to be most interested in services that can secure them increased leads, sales and revenue. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which you can upsell existing clients.

Optimising conversions
Conversions are likely to be one of the most important considerations for your clients. You can offer them the ability to optimise conversions by using the very latest functionality in areas such as check out functionality and live chat features.

Optimising performance
Website performance is always an important factor when it comes to attracting and retaining customers. This is why offering to monitor the performance of a client’s website, and provide suggestions for optimisation, is a good idea. Have any features been added that make the website slow to load, for instance. This is an important issue as slow load times are one of the major factors when it comes to deterring people from using a website.

Optimising analytics
If analytics are not optimised then it’s hard to tell how well aspects of a website are performing. It’s important that a client has the latest analytics in place in order for them to see where changes might be necessary in order to maximise ROI from their website. If you can offer them your analytics expertise you are upselling a vital product.

How to charge when upselling clients
There may not be a one size fits all option when it comes to upselling; you have to decide on solutions that are the best fit for you and the client. Options include:
• Charging by the hour. This is just as it says; the client is charged for each hour you work for them.
• Charging a retainer. You may find it easier to obtain a retainer from the client which guarantees them a certain number of hours service from you which they can use when they need them.
• Charging by subscription. One of the easiest methods of charging for your services is to use a subscription system which involves the client paying a set amount each month or year for an agreed level of service.
These are just some of the charging methods you can consider.
If you speak to any professional web design agency they will tell you how vital their services can be; you can learn more here. This is why agencies should always upsell existing clients with the message that all of the ongoing services we have highlighted are very much needed.

SQL: The Essential Database Language

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Structured Query Language (SQL) is a specialised programming language designed for use with databases. SQL is a standard language when working with relational databases, allowing rapid sorting of large databases. If you are serious about a career in IT, then SQL training is essential, even if you don’t plan on becoming a database specialist. There are different levels of tuition, and it is recommended to begin with the introductory course.

Introduction to SQL

The SQL introductory program covers the basics, and shows you the capabilities and key features of SQL. This one-day course is very much hands-on, beginning with an introduction to SQL, followed by an overview of relational databases, and how SQL works within that context. You will work with an example database, and learn how to run SQL queries in order to familiarise yourself with the interface.If you are interested, you can invest in a SQL training course here, with a range of training programs on all aspects of SQL.

Writing basic SQL statements

This involves selecting columns and tables from a database using SQL, then learning how to execute queries. Once this has been covered, you will learn how to limit the data returned by introducing the “WHERE” section of SQL queries, as well as how to sort the outputs.

Grouping data

This involves using the aggregate function to introduce sub totals, followed by an introduction to the “HAVING” statement, and the “GROUP BY” function. The final stage of the introductory SQL course looks at working with functions and dates. Before learning how to use SQL, it is essential to have a sound working knowledge of Microsoft’s Excel program. Here is some useful information regarding Excel and its capabilities.

Advanced SQL training

Beginning with a review of the introductory program, this course will further develop the learner’s ability to manage a relational database, with an introduction to more complex commands and queries. At this stage, you are introduced to data manipulation language (DML) and database definition language (DDL), which will enable you to build database objects and execute complex statements.

You would learn about SQL scripts, which are a set of SQL commands that can be saved as a file, allowing you to repeat queries without having to retype. This includes the use of parameters in your query, in addition to a look at query output presentation. Other essential sections of this level include,

– SQL syntax
– Managing tables
– Managing views
– Getting data from multiple tables
– SQL functions

The final part of this program deals with advanced ways to control select queries using SQL. You will also be shown how to order and produce sub totals from a query. The final section includes applying conditions to your query.

The right training produces competency

If you are planning to become SQL proficient, it is important to choose the right training course, with instructors that understand the problems you will face when using SQL. There are reputable online training institutions that have the knowledge and experience to help you understand and effectively work with SQL.