BSNL BroadBand WiFi AN1020-21 for iPad

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If you have issue with BSNL BroadBand WiFi (Type 2 modem), please try with No-Encryption first then as you connected on WiFi devices like iPad. You can switch to “Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)” later 😉

can't connect to wifi on iPad

The video “BSNL BroadBand WiFi AN1020-21 for iPad” have all steps to setup WiFi network for smart devices on PPP over Ethernet (pppoe_0_35) 😉

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

Default Gateway: (This is default IP Address for BSNL)

Search / Select new WiFi on smart devices then enter 10 digits “WPA Pass Phrase” entered for Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

BSNL BroadBand WiFi AN1020-21 for iPad

WiFi Password

We have tried “No-Encryption First” to make sure WiFi Router is working properly or not 😉

You are done. Enjoy with your wireless network on devices. Feel free to Comment.

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7 thoughts on “BSNL BroadBand WiFi AN1020-21 for iPad”

  1. hello sir i have 24 vmc modem AN1020-21 from bsnl company sir plz help me if i do setting in bridge mode i m unable to conect iphone and if i don in pppoe mode i m unable to connect my other laptop or computer so sir plz tell me what i do sir plz send me this informatin on my email id my id is sir and my cell no is 9672390191 sir plz help me

  2. Sir I am having exactly same problem in my ipad. I am a bit afraid to configure the modem. Will I be able to work on laptop after i change config? Please rpl. Please.

  3.  Hi ,sir
    Iam using BSNL TYPE 2 modem ( Model Name   AN1020-21) (  

    DSL Firmware Version ) 
    Wireless Version 1.20
    I have samsung galaxy ( TAB 2 P3100 ) which support    ( WLAN
    Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, DLNA, Wi-Fi Direct, dual-band, Wi-Fi hotspot)     I tried with No-Encryption first, several times for connect Wi-Fi ,but its not able to connect , Please suggest me
    contact :  mail ID  (

    waiting your briefly replythank you

  4. How to get that used id and password to login into default gateway BSNL person didin’t provide that. And when I am trying to loging in the defaukt gateway using my broadband login credential it is saying that Authentication failed, Plz help.

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