HaPpY FrIeNdShIp dAy!!

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Happy Friendship Day !!!

New Friends may be a poem but old friends are the alphabets. Don’t 4get alphabets, bcoz without alphabets its hard to read the poem.

Friends are like a page in a book of life,every page with a different chapter.but best friends are the index page covering every chapter of life.

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One thought on “HaPpY FrIeNdShIp dAy!!”

    Pass this to Good friends,
    You may include me if you feel it. 😉

    If 5 returns,
    it means you are a GOOD FRIEND!:)
    ♥♥♥ Best Friends Poem When I cry, you are there to help me out When I am happy, you are there to hear me shout When I grin you know that I am really mad You can always tell when I am sad You are the best friend I have ever had! You are there with me through thick and thin You offer a helping hand when I am dim You patiently listen when I want to talk You tell me I am good even when I have been bad You are the best friend I have ever had! So hear me out when I say You are the light in my day You are the moon in my night That made my life so bright With you I am always glad You are the best friend I have ever had! – RAVI KUMAR

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