Install Red5Chat

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Red5 Media Server is free solution for audio/video streaming. Red5chat is a free video chat plugin for Red5.

Flash Part

Edit the FLA red5Chat.fla and configure these lines:

_root.IP = “xx.yyy.xx.zzz”;

_root.authentificateURL = “http://”+_root.IP+”/red5chat/testlogin.php”;

PHP part

If you use the AUTHENTIFICATION (_root.authentification=true):
– Create tables form create_tables.sql
– edit the PHP/connections folder and setup con1.php to connect the database

RED5 part

– create the chat directory on c:\program files\red5\webapps\
– compile the JAVA and put the classes
– copy “chat” directory to “webapps” of your Red5.
– Restart your Red5.

Example: /usr/share/red5/webapps or /usr/local/red5/webapps


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4 thoughts on “Install Red5Chat”

  1. Ah, excellent post. You actually managed to post the broken, intelligible instructions written in broken english verbatim as they appear in the install.txt of the broken red5chat package. Very helpful. Thank you very much. 

  2. still didnt help me get very far i think im missing some stuff. .like infouser.php and what not even though im not using authentication. the demo loads the flash itself but when i try to login it does nothing when i click enter

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