Be aware while use online banking

Hits: 3070   Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Be aware of fraudulent or fake web sites, untrustworthy websites, phishing (fishing) for personal information with fraudulent emails, Online auction frauds…. Make sure you are … Continue reading Be aware while use online banking

Block badAgents on site

Hits: 1874  PHP is very powerful language to block bad agents. Below is the code to avoid webspider using PHP in_array(). <?php $badAgents = array(‘Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner’, ‘Bot\’, ‘ChinaClaw’, ‘Custo’, ‘DISCo’, ‘Download\ Demon’, ‘eCatch’, ‘EirGrabber’, ‘EmailSiphon’, ‘EmailWolf’, ‘Express\ WebPictures’, ‘ExtractorPro’, ‘EyeNetIE’, ‘FlashGet’, ‘GetRight’, ‘GetWeb!’, ‘Go!Zilla’, ‘Go-Ahead-Got-It’, ‘GrabNet’, ‘Grafula’, ‘HMView’, ‘HTTrack’, ‘Image\ Stripper’, ‘Image\ Sucker’, ‘Indy\ Library’, ‘InterGET’, ‘Internet\ Ninja’, ‘JetCar’, ‘JOC\ Web\ Spider’, ‘larbin’, ‘LeechFTP’, ‘Mass\ Downloader’, ‘MIDown\ tool’, … Continue reading Block badAgents on site

Open source – Port25

Hits: 2312  If you have trouble getting the PHP’s mail() function to work on your server. If the function returned true, but never send the emails to target account. Some ISP’s block port 25 (mail port), so you can’t send directly but you can send indirectly using your ISP’s mail server. 😉 Many email providers keep … Continue reading Open source – Port25

Lab Tips

Hits: 2773   Database: 1. Delete all information from databse related to, if deleting user or any content from CMS. 2. Use PDO, ADO, Pear, Zend etc. library to connect to database. 3. Take regular backup for database. 4. Use better naming convension. Folders: 1. Use better naming convension. 2. Take regular backup for folders. 3. … Continue reading Lab Tips