PHP – File Upload Stream

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File Upload Stream
File Upload Stream

PHP supports upload file stream… we can stream data to server using PHP stream_open() & stream_write() functions.

There is alternate method in PEAR to transfer files to server1 to server2. PEAR have HTTP package for uploading files.

HTTP_Request supports GET/POST/HEAD/TRACE/PUT/DELETE, Basic authentication, Proxy, Proxy Authentication, SSL, file uploads etc.


require_once "HTTP/Request.php";

$req =& new HTTP_Request("");



$result $req->addFile("data""/home/svnlabs.mp4");

if (
PEAR::isError($result)) {

"Error occurred during file upload!";

} else {

$response $req->sendRequest();

if (
PEAR::isError($response)) {echo "Error occurred during file upload!";

} else {

"File successfully uploaded!";




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