Wowza Live Cam Secure Expired Token

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Wowza Live Cam Secure Expired Token
Wowza Live Cam Secure Expired Token

// Encrypt original stream URL http://wowza-server:port/stream/playlist.m3u8
$base64ized = encryptDecrypt($secret_key, $streamURL, 0);

// Decrypt stream URL
$streamURL = encryptDecrypt($secret_key, $base64ized, 1);


// Expire stream URL after time interval & check secure token
if (($current – $timestamp) <= $expired && ($checkhash == $hash)) { include("m3u8.php"); } m3u8.php

header(“content-type: application/”);
echo file_get_contents(“http://wowza-server:port/stream/playlist.m3u8”);

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  1. Hello, I am looking for a way to secure a live stream from wowza… is there a page with more explanation of this code? Is this just part of the code? Or is this all there is?

  2. Hi Sandeep , I am looking to secure hls stream playlist m3u8 and all .ts chunks . Is there any way to secure .ts chunks as well ?

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